The Knights of Columbus of BC/Yukon State Council is once again offering 30 bursaries in the amount of $500 each through its Bishop Thomas J. Lobsinger Memorial Bursary Program. Applications are now being accepted for the 2016 fiscal year. This program is available to all Catholic students who are enrolled or entering into their second or higher year of post-secondary education in the Province of British Columbia. Applications must be received on or before the deadline of June 30, 2016. Interested and qualified students should request a bursary application, in writing to the State Bursary Chairman at the following address. Michael Gernat, State Bursary Chairman, 4311 – 31 Street, Vernon, British Columbia V1T 5J8

For general information and the Terms of Reference, please visit the website,

choose Documents & forms, scroll down to Useful documents – Bursary2014.


For all those preparing for their 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation will be Sunday January 24th

at the 9:30AM Mass

Lent is quickly approaching
– Please look around your house and bring your old dried, blessed palms and place them in the boxes in the Church vestibule. 
We use them to be burned for Ash Wednesday Masses.


Stay tuned for upcoming dates for Youth Group meetings!

Meetings held at the School – May call 250-398-6806

World Youth Day 2016

World Youth Day 2016 in Poland

The new age requirement to participate in the 2016 WYD with the Diocese of Kamloops is a minimum of 19 years old. To travel with the diocesan delegation to Poland pilgrims must be born before June 30, 1997. The liability issues, monitoring and supervision ratios, leadership and fellow participant screening that is associated with travelling with minors is not worth the risk.

WYD is not designed or meant for our younger youth. It can happen that minors in the group deter young adults from going and hinder and limit their full participation at the events of WYD.

Families with minors may wishes to travel to WYD together but because minors are involved they must travel and register independently and not as part of a parish or diocese. This also means they are not approved to fundraise or receive funds from our parishes to go to WYD.

Catholic Kids Net:

Catholic Kids Net (K4J) is a fun exciting Canadian national club for kids aged 6 to 12. CKN helps kids fulfill their baptismal commitment to know Jesus, love Jesus and share Jesus. K4J (Kids for Jesus) is a monthly program that is as flexible as you need it to be. You can choose from a variety of formats and use it as a supplement to a religious education program, youth program, or as a school virtue program (Calgary and other locations).
Check  them out: Catholic Kids Net
Life Teen Website For Catholic Youth:

We recognize that teenagers today have more needs than ever before. No need, however, is greater than the need to feel loved. LIFE Teen strives to answer this need with a simple, powerful message: "YOU are loved."

Check it out: Life Teen

“They received the Holy Spirit.” Jesus summons us to spread the faith through the grace of baptism. Where are you being called to share your gifts? (Matthew 28: 16-20)

If you think God may be offering you the grace of serving Him and His people as a priest or in the consecrated life, contact the Vocation Director, Fr. Paul Simms at 250-376-5541 or [email protected]

Choosing Chastity and Finding Freedom:

Chastity means respecting your whole person: your body, your soul, your mind, your imagination, and your heart. Far from simply abstaining from sex until marriage, chastity is an entire way of being. Living chastity enables us to learn what real love is all about: purity, self-sacrifice, fidelity, respect, and permanence. Free from heartache, abuse, lies, disease, worry, and teen pregnancy, the chaste person lives in the truth of the new sexual revolution. Chastity clears the mind and frees the heart to focus on true friendships and on discovering God's will in our lives. We are a physical body, that's true, but there is a deeper reality that we are living souls who long for peace and eternal happiness.

Youth across our continent who live chastity, or who have returned to chastity, know that purity is the path to true happiness and the way in which we experience the fullness of God's love and mercy. They know that chastity is the only 100% effective solution to sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, teen pregnancy and abortion. Young people worry about what truth and freedom will be left for their children. They worry, and they take action! It is our youth, with their zeal and focussed energy, who will be God's instruments in leading the rest of the world away from empty promises toward a safe and brighter future.

Check it out: Catholic Teen Chastity