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Sacred Heart Catholic School:

455 Pigeon Avenue, Williams Lake, BC V2G 4R5

Phone: (250) 398-7770 Fax: (250) 398-7725


Mission Statement:

To deliver a high quality education aimed at excellence in academics, athletics, religion and music within the framework of the BC School Curriculum, the teachings of the Catholic Church and the resources available to us to ensure happy, well-rounded Children of God.

School Curriculum:

Sacred Heart Catholic School is an Elementary school and one of five Catholic Schools with the Kamloops Diocese. We are also a memeber of the Federation of Independent Schools Association and offer BC Curriculum with Religious Instruction common to all Diocesan Schools, as well as, Specialist Instructors in Fine Arts, Music, French, Physical Education and Learning Assistance, with a complete resourceful library equipped with computers and more. We have a similar calendar to School District 27, who also provides bus transportation for children.

School Philosophy:

We believe that each child is made in the image and likeness of God. We look for Christ in every child and his/her potential to be Christlike. We see the school, home, and the Church as an integral part of your child's education. We recognize parents as first teachers, and Church playing a supportive role in the total child development. It is our goal at Sacred Heart Catholic School, that parents and clergy be directly involved in education.

Tuition and Dress Code:

The Sacred Heart Catholic School has a monthly tuition and adheres to a dress code - for further information please contact the School

Sacred Heart Pre-School:

Phone: 250-398-5852

The Sacred Heart Catholic School offers both Pre-School and Daycare

For more information please contact the phone number above.

Catholic Independent Schools Kamloops Diocese

205 Columbia Street, Kamloops, BC V2C 2S7​

Phone: 250-372-5452 ext. 8 Fax: 250-372-5257

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