SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT de PAUL: the Betty O’ Flynn Memorial Fund is pleased to sponsor a $500 bursary for full-time post-secondary students directed towards a career – which is in the opinion of the Memorial Fund Committee members supports life issues. Application should be Vincentians, family members of Vincentians (post or present), beneficiaries of the Society. Must be residents or studying in B.C. Application deadline July 15th of application year. For more information contact Lynn Paterson at

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul National Council of Canada

The work of the Society                                   S S V P

The mission of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is to live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy.

We are called to alleviate suffering and its causes, serving everyone regardless of race, creed, gender, opinion or age.  As Vincentians we understand that poverty does not only involve being in need of material goods.

The Society's main service throughout the world is home visits to the poor.

Volunteers needed

We are actively seeking new members to assist us in our works of serving the poor. We meet on the last Monday of each month at 11:30AM in Sacred Heart Church basement.  We are interested in expanding the works that we do, but need a larger volunteer base in order to accomplish our goals.  

Charitable Status

During 2012, we received charitable status from Canada Revenue Agency and can now issue tax deductible receipts for cash donations received.

What you can do

You can help by becoming a volunteer or by donating gifts of food and gently used clothing or money to support our efforts.  And, we are looking for new members who want to help us do God's work.  If you would like to become a member, or want more information, please contact Lynn Paterson at or drop in on Sunday morning after Mass to help make sandwiches.  


We Need Your Help!

Our St. Vincent Society is operating on a very limited income to support our ministry of outreach to the needy, the hungry, and the marginalized. The cost of this ministry is almost double the income from outright donations, and the poor box at the back of the church. While the monthly reverse collection soliciting food items is a gentle nudge from the spirit inviting all of us to participate in this effort to prevent any child or family going to bed with an empty belly we wish to draw your attention to how important your food and financial donations are.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul: We want to thank you for all of your help in support of our reverse and poor box collections; and for considering monthly support of our food bags. In addition to these, here are other ways you can help:


1: Make a cash donation. We can provide a tax deductible receipt for cash donations and grocery gift cards. If you purchase a gift card from Sacred Heart School and donate it to SSVP, we can give you a tax deductible receipt and it benefits both organizations   


2: Spring Cleaning your pantry? Help us by donating food items. We are always in need of rice , pasta, pork and beans, canned soup, canned vegetables ,tuna, etc.( as long as they are not out dated ). If this interests you and you need help to bring the items in, please contact Lynn Paterson at


3: Spring cleaning your closet? We can always use donations of clean used clothing and foot wear for the people we serve. Items can be dropped off at the church basement; please label SSVP.


4: Vegetable Seeds. We are planting a garden to help the people help themselves. We are looking for viable seed for carrots, radishes, lettuce, spinach, bush beans and seed potatoes. We hope to plant the second or third week of May. If you wish to donate seed contact Lynn Paterson at or place them in a bag and drop them in our SSVP box in the Church lobby.

Thank you for your compassion, your generosity and your spirit. St. Vincent Society is only able to operate because of you!

The Sacred Heart Conference

of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

is a thriving ministry dedicated to helping and loving the poor. Each Sunday in the park, we provide soup, sandwiches and a beverage, and on Mondays we host a drop-in/fellowship time in our church basement. Mondays we also provide a small food bag to those in need. This past month we have given approximately 50 bags/week in the winter it can nearly be double that. We are finding that with the increase in the number of people coming to see us on Monday, and the continually rising cost of food, we are having a hard time keeping up. We are here to appeal for your help. By always shopping on sales, we have been able to place a value of our food bag at approximately $5.75.  Would you or your family consider sponsoring “a bag a week” or 2 bags/month to support our ministry, on a monthly basis?  A simple reply form is available in the church or the parish office.   “Thank you” to all who have responded to our appeal .Thank you for your ongoing generosity and support of our Poor Box and Reverse Collection. God Bless you for helping us show God’s love in a practical way