Please be advised that all Sacred Heart Williams Lake Parish Groups

and Organizations meetings are CANCELLED

until further notice.  This includes '40 Days for Life'


UPDATED: March 23, 2020

Dear Parishioners of Sacred Heart,

Following the latest letter from our Bishop all public Masses (Sunday and weekdays) are immediately suspended until further notice.  Also, any public gatherings including Stations of the Cross and Adoration.  Confessions are still available. 

During this trying time we want the parish, especially the church, to be a place of comfort, peace and prayer. As such, we are going to make the church available for you should you desire to take some quiet time with the Lord. If not open, please ask the office, or contact a priest and we can open the church.

The sacrament of confession is still available. We will use the sacristy as our confessional, or another suitable place if needed or desired. Feel free to contact the parish if you desire the sacrament.

If you know of someone in need during this time, please let us know as we would like to assist them, especially our seniors and those unable to go out themselves.

Finally, please know that even if you’re not at Mass, the Mass is still being said and offered for you and you have not been forgotten. Both Fr. Raphael and I are praying for all of you.

God bless,

Fr Paul Simms


Diocese of Kamloops

                                                 BISHOP’S OFFICE                                                 

March 23, 2020   

Reverend and dear Fathers and Deacons, 

As the crisis brought about by COVID-19 continues to intensify and with keeping the health and safety of our faithful and the community at large of utmost importance, I am directing that all Sunday and weekday Masses be cancelled effective immediately until further notice.  This cancellation includes all other parish gatherings. 

As in my previous message, but this time at your discretion, I ask that for the good of the community, that the church remain open for private prayer and Adoration.  Please ensure that when you do so, you adhere strictly to the directives of our provincial and national authorities on public gatherings. 

Further communication on Holy Week will be forthcoming.  

Let us all unite ourselves to the Passion of our Lord Jesus and allow  His strength to lead us in serving the faithful under our care and pray that through His steadfast love and power to deliver us from this evil and distress. 

Please use all the communication vehicles at your disposal to ensure that this message is received in your parishes especially our seniors, those who have serious medical conditions who are most vulnerable and those who do not have access to the internet and social media.   

Fraternally in Christ,  

Joseph Phuong Nguyen    

Bishop of Kamloops