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Rachel's Vineyard is an international retreat ministry dedicated to healing the pain of abortion. The Kamloops Diocese is pleased and blessed to be an approved Rachel's Vineyard retreat site. All our team members are honoured to be a part of this important healing ministry. We value the commitment to confidentiality and offer a welcoming healing experience in a non-judgmental atmosphere.Our retreat team consists of six people, including a counselor and two Catholic priests.

It is never too late to find peace and healing after abortion or miscarriage, no matter how many years it has been. We are here to help. The retreats are confidential and safe, full of love, compassion and support. Let this be the right time.

“In spite of my fear of bringing up the past, I went to a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat where I found safety, comfort, and understanding. And more profoundly, I experienced the forgiveness of God, a hope for tomorrow and the day

I meet my baby. “ 

Healing for After Abortion

phone/text 250-267-5081


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